mysite1Some of my earliest memories of my dad were helping him fix his two old VW Bugs. He had his tool kit, his can of WD-40 and a beat up copy of How to Keep Your Volkswagen Alive with him every weekend, working away. I was just a little kid, but my dad was so good at explaining things, that even then, I knew what part of the car did what, which part when where and the right tool that was needed to fix it. This probably accounts for my love of old cars now. I still remember what my dad taught me, too, and how a little maintenance can save needing a big repair down the line. Even if you’re not mechanically inclined, here are a few easy repairs from http://upullitnebraska.com that can keep your car or truck running better, longer.

Remember to check your fluids. If your car or truck has a normal amount of use, and is in reasonably good repair, check your oil, transmission fluid, radiator fluid, power steering fluid and brake fluid twice a year – at the start of the summer and at the start of the winter. Don’t let them get below halfway full, ¾ full for the brake fluid. Follow the manufacturer’s guide book as to the type of fluid needed to replenish them with and always use a fresh bottle of brake fluid.

When the weather gets hot, it’s a good time for an oil change and a general tune up. Have your mechanic check your battery and make sure that your spark plugs haven’t worn down too. A good tip is to have them re-grease the door hinges while they’re at it.

When the weather starts getting cold, take your car or truck in to the shop and have the mechanic check the thickness of your break pads as well as the tightness of the calipers on the brake hoses. Have the tire treads examined and the tires rotated, too. Having good tires in bad weather is a car repair must.

In the event of a break down, a flat tire or an accident, always have a good roadside kit in your vehicle. You’ll need to have flairs, a good wrench or iron spider, a car jack, a spare tire or dummy tire, jumper cables or emergency recharger, a flashlight, blanket and a first aid kit.